Social Innovation

Social Innovation has many strands, but aims to increase the health and wealth of society.

Maureen has been active in this field for 30 years.

Boosting Innovation for Social Benefit

In May 2015, Maureen organised an international conference in Edinburgh between the organisation of which she was President in Brussels and the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations.

Delegates attended from all over Europe and were invited to visit the Scottish Parliament.

Maureen O'Neill, President SOC, EESC, EU, Brussels, and Shulah Allan, Convener of SCVO, Edinburgh opening the conference

EESC SOC President

Sept 2015

"Just a wee momento of your great achievements in the EESC - hope you got home safe and well! "

Jane Morrice EESC Vice-President Communications 

Retiring President of SOC, EESC, with President-Elect Director Pavel Trantina Sept 2015

Maureen  Retiring President SOC,  EESC with her staff Sept 2015

Brussels, Belgium

Maureen addressing the Presbytery of the Church of Scotland in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, on the role and purpose of Faith in Older People - of which she is Director. November 2016